Day Support

Day Support services in Trafford

What does it do?

We provide day support services Monday to Friday in centres across Trafford.  

We provide day support that aims to meet the care needs of older people by:

  • Maintaining and encouraging their independence
  • Providing an opportunity for social interaction with their peers
  • Enhancing self confidence and well being
  • Promoting physical and intellectual stimulation
  • Retaining and encouraging life skills
  • And which is provided in an environment which is both flexible and informal

We provide our day support for people with dementia on a local basis, close to their home and in accessible community based buildings - where we concentrate on groups of no more than twelve people so that we are able to give high quality one to one support and a respite break for carers.


At all our centres we offer different forms of activities to promote mental and physical stimulation and well being.

These activities take place indoors and out and range from puzzles, quizzes, indoor bowls, photography, short golf, darts and board games, to different forms of reminiscence, gardening, hand massages, manicures and armchair aerobics, simple cookery and life skills.

During summer outdoor activities such as crazy golf, garden darts, and bowls are used. Whenever possible we may take all or some of the service users (based on their choice) out to a local venue such as a bowling green or local park. Because we find most people respond well to music we also use music, singing and movement in many different forms.

The feedback we have received from carers, health professionals and social workers has been very positive and all of our clients have shown a marked improvement in their general demeanour and motivation for life since they joined our day support services and, of equal importance, all of their carers are provided with much needed respite breaks.

Who it is for?

For older people in Trafford

Where it is available?

Local service (Trafford).

How to access or apply for it:

See contact details above


Info last updated:

The Sharples Building, 1-3 Church Road, manchester, manchester, M41 9EH