Day centres and opportunities for older people

What does it do?

We currently fund seven providers to deliver day opportunity services for people aged 65 years and over within their local community. You will only be able to receive adult social care funding towards these services if you have received an assessment of your needs and you have an agreement with your social worker or social care worker that the service can be funded as part of your care plan.

If you have received a direct payment, you are at liberty to contact a day service, however, our contractual rates and conditions would not apply. The circumstances would be the same if you are self-funding and approaching the day service with the intention of paying for the care out of your own financial resources.

You can contact providers directly to find out more about what they offer including:

providing refreshments

providing a hot meal

The services give an opportunity for older people and their relatives/carers to mix with similarly aged people.  These services run activities for carers, family members or friends to have a break from their caring role. This can also help improve the health and wellbeing of those involved.