Community Transport scheme

What does it do?

Helps transport community groups across the district so they can access social, leisure and educational activities.

Who it is for?

It is particularly aimed at people who find it difficult to get about, such as residents who live in remote areas, may be socially excluded,
have financial constraints, or may have a physical, mental or sensory condition.

Where it is available?

Local service (Lichfield).

What it costs:

We set the cost of each journey on the time and the amount of miles travelled. The prices for groups (classified as voluntary, statutory and
private sectors) vary according to which sector the group belongs to.
Costs for each group:
  • Voluntary groups - £5 per hour and 65p per mile
  • Statutory groups - £5.50 per hour and 65p per mile
  • Private groups - £6 per hour and 65p per mile
For example, a trip to Tamworth for the whole day (8 hours) would cost voluntary groups £51, statutory groups £54, and private groups £58.
(July 2011)

How to access or apply for it:

To book your journey, or to find out more about becoming a driver, contact one of the team.
Shahzad Iqbal Community
Transport Scheme Manager
01543 308165

Eddie Henson
Bookings Assistant & Driver
01543 308166


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