The Acacia Intergenerational Centre

What does it do?

The centre aims to provide a range of shared services and facilities under one roof for older people, children and young people across the borough. It will give Merton an opportunity to explore and demonstrate the effectiveness of intergenerational work with families, extended families and all age groups, coming together to learn play and interact.

A range of spaces is available to the public for intergenerational activities:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Horticulture / garden areas
  • A Children’s Centre
  • A staffed adventure playground with indoor and outdoor play spaces
Services on offer at the centre focus on three key themes:
  • Family support
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Mentoring and intergenerational mediation.

Who it is for?

All residents in Merton young and old!  Age is no barrier to participating or organising intergenerational activities at the centre. We want to encourage all Merton residents to take ownership of the centre and make the most of this wonderful new facility.

Where it is available?

Local service (Sutton, Merton).

How to access or apply for it:

For more information on intergenerational activity contact Kim Norden, Manager
The Acacia Intergenerational Centre
230 Grove Road
Mitcham Eastfields

Tel: 020 8274 5121

Additional information:

Come and get involved. Have your say about what you would like to see happening at Acacia Intergenerational Centre.

How to find us
The new building is situated in Eastfields, Mitcham near Mitcham Eastfields Station, the wooden clad building between Lonesome Primary School and St Mark's Church of England Academy on Grove Road.

Pedestrian entrance
Entrance is via the front of the building on Grove Road.

152 or 463. Stop: Mitcham Eastfields (on Grove Road, about two minutes walk from the bus stop).

Mitcham Eastfields Station - exit station, walk onto Grove Road towards Streatham Vale (same side of the level crossing as St Mark's Academy). Walk past St Mark's Academy (on your right hand side) for approximately five minutes and Acacia IGC is on your right hand side, wooden clad building. You will reach Acacia IGC before reaching Lonesome Primary School.

Car parking
Limited parking is available via the vehicle entrance on Acacia Road (no parking on Grove Road, but other surrounding streets do allow parking). Turn into Acacia Road, keeping St Mark's Academy on your left hand side. Continue past St Mark's Academy, blocks of white flats will be on your right hand side. Continue onto access road (one lane) and you will reach green gates on your right hand side with a buzzer - these are the Acacia IGC gates. You will see the car park ahead of you and a modular building towards the front of the site.


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