Asian Meals Service - SubCo Trust

What does it do?

We provide a 7 day meals on wheels service 365 days per year. The meals supplied are Vegetarian Gujarati and Punjabi style packed in plastic containers which are disposable or recyclable. Delivery times are between 11.45 and 1.15 but arrangements can be made if you need to have it earlier for medication reasons or carers times.

Who it is for?

for Asian elderly people from the subcontinent

Where it is available?

Local service (Newham).

How to access or apply for it:

To receive this service through the Local Authority, you will need to be assessed by your local Social Work team.

To receive this service privately, you will need to contact us at SubCo, tel 020 8548 0070

Additional information:

The menus are prepared on a monthly basis using the feed back received from the service users as and when but mostly they are based on the availability of produce and the knowledge of the cooks who have years of experience.


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