Beeches Day Centre

What does it do?

Our aim is to provide an environment which is secure, homely and friendly where personal, physical and emotional needs
are met and giving people the encouragement to exercise choice were appropriate.

There are arts crafts and educational games.
Horticultural therapy - opportunities to grow plants on the
patio or in the garden. Exercises and other physical games to
help maintain mobility.
Social activities to promote social interaction with other clients.

Who it is for?

The Beeches is a 20 a day place day centre for older people with
mental health/dementia.

Where it is available?

Local service (Slough).

What it costs:

A financial assessment will be carried out by the finance team under the eligibility criteria for fairer charging. The service user
will be charged or not charged for the service in line with the outcome of the assessment. Transport is provided within that

How to access or apply for it:

For further information please contact social services at Slough Borough Council on 01753 690400.
A social worker will find out what the individuals needs for social service support are. If the Beeches is an appropriate placement an assessment day will be arranged at a time to suit the service user and to discuss a starting date. The day centre manager will then arrange transport.


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