Day services and day opportunities

What does it do?

Day care opportunities for older people are provided at the following
extra care housing schemes. You do not have to live at the scheme to
receive a day service there.

Walker Grange offers a service for older people and older people with mental health issues.
Walker Grange
Central Avenue
Tel: 0121 521 5673

Holly Grange offers a service to African and Caribbean elders and Asian elders.
Holly Grange
Mallin Street
B66 1QY
Tel: 0845 352 7842 
Mobile: 0781 386 2505

Manifoldia Grange offers a reablement or rehabilitation service for older people.
Manifoldia Grange
Coyne Road
Off Bromford Lane
West Bromwich
B70 7JU
Tel: 0845 352 7830