The Ekta Centre

What does it do?

We offer a day service which provides a wide range of social and leisure activities for Asian elders aged 55 or over.  Ekta day centre
has space for 30 people every day who wish to meet other people, socialise and take part in activities and outings. The centre can also provide rehabilitation services to 15 people a day.  This service is for older people who, because of illness or disability may need help and encouragement to maintain their independence at home. The day resource service gives Asian elders an opportunity to access
health and social services including day care.  Asian elders can take part in:
  • arts and crafts
  • light exercise
  • group activities
  • trips and outings
  • celebration of festivals
  • Asian music.
They can also access:
  • chiropody
  • optician
  • pensions and benefits advice
  • literacy advice
  • health education
  • advice on housing and other council services.

Who it is for?

The day resource service is open to all Asian elders aged 55 or over wholive in Wolverhampton.  Services are provided after an assessment of your needs so your assessment would have to recommend that you need day care and have a need to maintain your cultural and religious identity and/or where language presents a barrier to accessing other day services. 

Where it is available?

Local service (Wolverhampton).

What it costs:

Please contact the organisation for more details.

How to access or apply for it:

For more information about the Ekta Centre, contact us by either using our online form or by:
Phone: 01902 553554  
Fax: 01902 553557
Minicom: 01902 555554

Visit us or write to us:
The Ekta Centre
Mander Street
Penn Fields


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