Sensory Services

What does it do?

As well as giving you information and advice about buying every-day living equipment and managing your sight or hearing loss, we can find out about how your are managing now and what you are finding very difficult. This is called an assessment.

If you are eligible for support, we may suggest some of our services:
Daily living equipment or assistive technology
Simple pieces of equipment such as liquid level indicators to help you pour drinks, talking clocks and screen magnifiers.
Mobility training
We will help you to plan the main, regular journeys you make, such as to the shops, to work, to a social group or health centre. We will plan the safest route and work out what landmarks are on the way, so that you know where you are. We will help you re-learn how to use public transport - for example, knowing when it is your bus stop. We will give you a cane and help you learn how to use it.
Daily living training
We can help you re-learn tasks such as cooking and cleaning and show you how to use some of the daily living equipment you may want.

Who it is for?

The sensory services team support Salford citizens of all ages who have a hearing loss or a sight loss or are deafblind.

Where it is available?

Local service (Salford).

What it costs:

The services and equipment we provide such as mobility training, daily living training and the long-term loan of equipment are free.

How to access or apply for it:

For further information contact:

Sensory services
Burrows House
10 Priestley Road
Wardley Industrial Estate
M28 2LY
0161 607 1499
0161 607 1490
Additional information
Text: 0789 666 6263


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Burrows House, 10 Priestley Road, Wardley Industrial Estate, Worsley, Greater Manchester, M28 2LY