Michael Flanders Centre

What does it do?

The general purpose of the centre is to enable older people with substantial physical disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community.

We provide three types of placement: 
  • respite - to support carers and enable them to continue in their caring role
  • rehabilitation - to enable people to move on to a more independent lifestyle or to help them maintain their present level of independence
  • social contact and stimulus - to promote social inclusion for people experiencing significant social isolation Some placements may be short term, eg to achieve a rehabilitation goal or when a carer goes into hospital.
Attendance at the centre provides the following: 
  • a daily programme of activities giving you a choice of social, leisure, educational and therapeutic based groups
  • services planned to take account of cultural needs
  • an allocated worker with responsibility to enable good use of centre services.
  • regular reviews of day care service needs
  • assistance with personal care
  • services planned and provided in consultation with service users in order to give choices and to promote self-help and independence.
  • a mid-day meal cooked on the premises and light refreshments provided during the day
  • a range of supportive services for carers
  • Facilities available for other agencies that provide information, support and health services
Meal: There is a choice of midday meals available including Diabetic/soft or vegetarian meals and special dietary needs can be met.  Tea, coffee or soft drinks are available in the morning and mid afternoon. Alternatively you may bring in a packed lunch.

: transport in tail-lift ambulances is provided to and from the centre each day.  In the morning you will normally be collected from your home from 9am onwards to arrive at the centre by 10am, and in the afternoon transport leaves from 3.30 pm. The journey should not last more than 60 minutes each way.

Activities: There is a range of activities available including cookery, gardening, music, quizzes, film club, crafts and computer skills. The programme is regularly reviewed and we try to provide activities to reflect different cultures (eg the cookery sessions include cookery from different countries).

Who it is for?

for people over the age of 65 with substantial physical disabilities or sensory impairment.

Where it is available?

Local service (Ealing).

What it costs:

The charge for meals is £3.

How to access or apply for it:

Admission to the centre ismade by your social servicescare anager. If you are not currently receiving a service from social services telephone the customer contact centre on 020 8825 8000.

Church Road, Acton, London W3 8PP
Tel: 020 8825 7875 
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am- 4pm

Transport: Bus 207, E3, underground Acton Town (District and Piccadilly line (15 minutes walk from station)). Parking facilities are available at the centre.

What to expect then:

Keyworkers: Every service user at the centre has an allocated member of staff who is called a keyworker.  The keyworker's role is to assist you to make full use of the centre's services and act as an information point for you, your carers and other professionals.  Your keyworker will also keep your personal file up to date and arrange regular reviews of your day care service needs.

Additional information:

Personal care
  • Toileting: Assistance is provided by members of staff and all the toilets available for service users in the centre are suitable for wheelchair users and have rails and other equipment to assist you.
  • Feeding: Assistance with your meals and drinks can also be provided as well as specially prepared food, such as liquidised and soft food. 
  • Bathing: We are unable to offer a bathing service at the centre.  However, the bathroom and shower are available for you to use if you have anyone who can assist you.  We also have information about a private bathing service, which you can use either at home or in the centre.
  • Medical/nursing care: The centre does not provide either medical or nursing care.  However, you can arrange for your nurse, doctor, chiropodist etc. to visit you at the centre and use our medical room for treatment purposes.  There are some restrictions on the types of treatment, which can be carried out due to lack of clinical facilities.
  • Chiropody: A chiropody service, organised by the health service, is available at the centre for all centre service users. 
  • There is no cost for this service, but you do have to be registered (forms are available at the centre).
  • Hairdressing: A hairdresser is available at the centre on Mondays and has a fixed list of charges.  We can also make arrangements for a barber to visit the centre. Outreach transport can be booked to take you out to local hairdressers.
  • Laundry: A washing machine and dryer are available for you to use at the centre for charge of £1 to cover the cost of the washing powder.
Regular pensions surgeries are held at the centre. In addition, an advice worker is available to visit the centre whenever required. 

Service user involvement
All our services are planned and provided in consultation with service users in order to promote choice, self-help and independence.  Regular meetings are held between staff and service users to discuss any views or concerns about the centre's services.

Carers support
Carers are invited to some a number of social events throughout the year, to activity taster sessions and to information and advice sessions. There are free car parking facilities for carers visiting the centre.


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