Regsiter a Death

What does it do?

The register office will talk to you in private. You will be asked some questions about the person who has died so that the details can be recorded in the register.
You will need to know:

  • The date and place of death
  • The full first name and surname of the person who has died (and the maiden surname if the person was a married woman). Also if the name had been changed at any time.
  • The date and place of birth
  • The occupation (if the person who has died was a married woman or a widow, the full name and occupation of her husband)
  • The last usual address

Who it is for?

The death can be registered by:
  • Any relative of the person who has died
  • A person who was present at the death
  • The occupier of the place where the death took place, if he or she was aware that the death had taken place
  • Any person arranging the funeral – but not the funeral director

Where it is available?

Local service (Oldham).

How to access or apply for it:

For further information contact:
Oldham Register Office
Chadderton Town Hall
Middleton Road
Oldham, OL9 6PP
Phone: 0161 770 3708
Fax: 0161 770 3729

What to expect then:

You will need to make an appointment, but this can normally be done as little as 24 hours before.

Additional information:

You must give a medical certificate of the cause of death from the doctor to the register office.
If you need to tell the coroner about the death, the doctor or hospital will do this for you. The coroner’s office will tell you what to do. You might need to wait before you can register the death.


Info last updated:

Oldham Register Office, Chadderton Town Hall, Middleton Road, Chadderton, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL9 6PP