Help With Managing Your Money

What does it do?

In certain circumstances, your care manager may identify that you need help with money matters, such as paying bills or getting cash from the bank. This will be shown as part of your support plan. We have strict rules and procedures covering the way our staff help you deal with your money and valuables. We will:

Respect your right to control your own money and personal property.
Help you to be as independent as possible in handling your own money.
Manage your finances and valuables properly.
Make sure that information about your finances is kept confidential.
Safeguard against neglect and financial abuse.
Make sure your property is safe and secure.
Make sure that up-to-date records are kept secure.
We will also make sure our staff are trained to deal with your cash properly and make regular checks to ensure they understand the rules and procedures.

Who it is for?

The service is for residents of Manchester.

Where it is available?

Local service (Manchester).

How to access or apply for it:

You will need to contact your care manager.

What to expect then:

Your care manager will assess the level of help you need and this will be shown in your records. Your care manager will also keep a record of other information about you and your finances, such as:

What you need to pay, to whom, and how often.
Any debts and the payments you are making towards them.
How money and valuables are made secure.
Any benefits and other income you receive.
How we can contact your relatives and friends.
Details of anyone else who has power of attorney or has been officially appointed to deal with your finances.
Your agreement for us to have copies of your bank statements, so we can check that our staff are keeping records properly.


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