Advocacy For Carers

What does it do?

You can use an advocacy service for any situation where you want someone to help you think through the choices you need to make. Your advocate will also support you to put your views across once you have decided what you want to do.
Here are just some examples of situations where an advocate might be able to help:

You are at the point of needing care services or long-term healthcare, or your needs are changing
You are being abused or bullied 
You have a problem with your treatment in the mental health system
You want to challenge decisions that other people have made about your care services
You have a problem that you cannot solve with a service such as housing, utilities (gas, electricity or water), neighbour nuisance, or residential care.

Who it is for?

The service is for someone who has a problem, or is dealing with changes in their own life, or the life of someone they care for, it can be difficult to understand their options, decide what's best, and make sure their views are listened to.

Where it is available?

Local service (Manchester).

What it costs:

Most advocacy services are free. If there is a cost, you will be told about this at the start.

How to access or apply for it:

There are a number of places in Manchester where you can get advocacy support. But the best one for you depends on the sort of problem you want help with, where you live, and any particular needs you have.

You can get in touch with the Adults and Children's Social Care Contact Service to ask about advocacy services. The telephone number is 0161 234 5001.


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