Respite Care

What does it do?

Respite care is when someone else takes over your role as a carer for a short period of time, to give you a break from what can be a full-time, strenuous job.
Depending on your circumstances, the type of care you provide, the needs of the person you care for and their level of dependency, respite care can take a number of different forms.
It might be that you can get help from a different carer to perform your caring role for a short time. Alternatively, the person you care for can be given residential care in a different setting for a period, to give you time to do other things, or just take a break.

Who it is for?

Essentially, this service is for carers, people who provide care for others, but the people you provide care for may be: children with disabilities adults with physical or learning disabilities, or dependent older people. If you are a carer - that is you provide regular care for another person, then you might be eligible to get respite care for the person you care for.

Where it is available?

Local service (Manchester).

How to access or apply for it:

If you are a carer, you are entitled to a carer's assessment, even if the person you care for has refused an assessment themselves. The carer's assessment looks at the care you provide and assesses whether you need help to provide that care. For further information call 0161 234 5001. 

What to expect then:

Our contact service for social care will arrange for a care manager or social worker to come and complete this assessment.


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