Kingsgate Day Centre

What does it do?

The Kingsgate Day Service in Kilburn is a centre for older people living in the borough of Camden. We have a newly refurbished building, which brought together four services under one roof, the building has been designed in a way with makes its dementia friendly and accessible.

The service offers a range of activities that will help to maintain older people’s independence and wellbeing. There are a number of classes including:  exercise classes, therapeutic activities like yoga, Tai Chi and relaxation, memory classes and cookery groups. There is a huge importance on social activities to combat isolation and its impact on people’s mental health.

As part of our community inclusion we have a gardening group which visits a local nursery/garden centre when the weather is warmer.  We also facilitate a stroke survivor’s support group, supporting older people recovering from strokes, by helping survivors rebuild their lives through supportive networks linked to their recovery.