Day care services

What does it do?

In partnership with voluntary sector organisations, we provide day care services at various day centres in the borough.

Day care services aim to help older people:
  • to keep their independence and remain living at home
  • to have regular social contact and get more involved in community life
  • to suffer less physical or emotional stress to them and/or their carer 
There are 7 day centres in Bromley where various voluntary organisations work under contract to us. Age Concern manages four of the larger centres and there is one care home, operated by Shaw Healthcare, that also offers day care services.

There are also specialist day centres for older people, such as those operated by BUPA within Elmstead Residential home for people with dementia and EMI,  Bromley Mind and Alzheimers Society for people with dementia, and ICARE Day Centre for people recovering from strokes.

Day care services for people with dementia include:
  • a specialist service for people just starting to show signs of the condition. We aim to maintain mental abilities and participation in community life for as long as possible. To do this, we arrange an individual programme of leisure activities and day centre care for each person
  • sitting services
  • a specialised home support service for people with severe dementia who are unable to benefit from attending a day centre.
All the centres offer a range of activities which may include:
  • rehabilitation
  • reminiscence therapy (where appropriate)
  • carers support
  • personal care
  • bathing service
  • hairdressing
  • chiropodist
  • meals
  • light entertainment
  • outings

Who it is for?

Day care services aim to meet the key care needs of older adults living in the borough of Bromley who meet our eligibility criteria for adults and are 
physically frail
socially isolated
show early stages of dementia 
have mild mental health problems

Where it is available?

Local service (Bromley).

What it costs:

There is no charge for assessing your needs but you will have to pay for your lunch and refreshments during the day. At some centres the daily charge will include the cost of transport.

How to access or apply for it:

Contact us at the address or phone number above.

What to expect then:

To discuss an assessment of your need for day care, contact Bromley Social Services Direct . Your GP or District Nurse can also refer you for this service and you may even be able to apply to some day centres and clubs direct.

Please note that the service user (the person receiving day care) must agree to have the service.

If you are in hospital and need help now or when you go home contact the social services care manager based at the hospital either direct or via the ward staff.


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