Adult Social Care

Care and support for older people in Bexley

What does it do?

We offer a range of services to people in need. Some of these services will help you to continue to live at home if this is what you want.

If your assessment shows that you are eligible to receive services from the Council, a range of support is available:

Home help and personal care
Practical help and personal care to help you look after yourself at home. This may include help with washing and using the toilet, help to dress and undress, and help with housework.

Community meals service
We can deliver freezer meals to you if you are unable to shop for meals yourself. If you do not have a freezer, we can lend you one so that you can have freezer meals delivered. If you are unable to heat the meal for yourself we may be able to arrange a service that can help you.

Help with everyday living
  • We provide special aids and equipment for people who are disabled. These help you with everyday tasks and enable you to live safely and independently in your own home.
  • If you need adaptations to your home, we will arrange these. We will tell you how much you may have to pay, if anything. We will also tell you about any grants that you may be able to claim and how to apply for them.
  • There may be a waiting list because of the great demand for this service. The more urgent your situation, the sooner you will receive help.
Day activities
If you are living at home and cannot get out by yourself, you may like to attend a day centre where you can meet other people and enjoy social activities. Transport can be arranged.

Having a break
If you live alone you may want a break from looking after yourself. If you are being cared for by a friend or relative, you and your carer may welcome the opportunity to spend some time apart. This may be a break for just a couple of hours or for a couple of weeks. A variety of services are available which include care in your own home, or in a residential home.

Social work advice and support
  • Social workers offer counselling, advice and help in dealing with life's crises, such as serious illness, a death in the family or other major changes. Such problems can cause a great deal of distress to you and your family and put relationships under strain. Some older people may even be at risk of  harm from the people they live with.
  • They will help you get the services you need, such as counselling or support. If your needs are greater, you will be put in touch with Care Managers, who will assess your needs and put together a care plan which meets those needs.
  • Social workers will help you to continue to live in your own home for as long as you can. When this is no longer possible, they will help you to find, and move to, the best possible alternative accommodation and care.

Who it is for?

If you are an older person and have difficulty managing at home we may be able to help. Your difficulties may be short term, for example, you may have had an operation and be recovering at home, you may be cared for by someone who has to go into hospital.

You may need longer term help due to an accident or illness, or no longer be able to look after yourself very well.

We also provide help for carers of older people.

Where it is available?

Local service (Bexley).

What it costs:

This will depend on your income and the level of services you need. We ill explain the cost before services are provided. You may be entitled to benefits and we will help you claim them.

How to access or apply for it:

For further information call 020 3045 4900

What to expect then:

We will ask you questions about your home life and the difficulties you have. We will also ask what your wishes are. So that we can assess the help you might need, it is important that you tell us as much as possible about your difficulties. If you need emergency help it can be arranged at once.

Anything you tell social care staff will be in strict confidence. We will not pass information to anyone else without your permission. Your carer can have a separate assessment of their needs if they wish.


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