Islington Carers Centre

What does it do?

ICC is now recognised by health and social care professionals and the general public as an indispensable source of specialist information, advice, advocacy and support for all carers over the age of 18 in the borough of Islington. Our services include welfare benefits and housing advice, raising grants for equipment and respite, signposting to other services, support groups, monthly Health & Relaxation Days, quarterly Making it Happen Days, a Flexible Breaks Fund to provide holidays and breaks for carers, theatre and day trips; a regular newsletter and fact pack.

Islington Carers Centre strives for the positive inclusion of carers, providing a network of support and information; and recognising, valuing and respecting their needs as individuals.

Carers needs will be at the forefront of Islington Carers Centre’s decision-making process, through consultation and active participation in the organisation’s planning and development of its service delivery.

Who it is for?

for all carers over the age of 18 in the borough of Islington

Where it is available?

Local service (Islington).

How to access or apply for it:

please contact our office above

Additional information:

ICC is an equal opportunities organisation, independent of Social Services, and works in partnership with the statutory agencies and voluntary and community organisations in Islington to promote and provide better and more accessible services for carers.


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