Sensory disability services

What does it do?

Devon Sensory Team provides support and advice to people who:

are visually impaired

are Deaf

have an acquired hearing loss

are deafblind (sometimes known as a dual sensory impairment – a significant combination of hearing and sight loss)

All our staff will work with you, and your family or carers, to help you to live as independently as possible. You can contact the Devon Sensory Team by phoning Care Direct on 0345 155 1007 or by emailing

Social workers with Deaf people usually support people who have been Deaf since birth, many of whom use BSL as a first language.

Social workers with Deaf people may also help:

- Deaf people access appropriate support from social care, this may include helping with a Care Act assessment
- to assist at all stages of life including, the transition from education to adulthood
- Deaf people to access supported living and employment
- support Deaf parents in caring for their children
- support Deaf people in coping with additional disabilities such as stroke and dementia
- find ways to encourage a Deaf person’s independence
- provide information about independent sign language translation and benefits
- Rehabilitation officers with people who are visually impaired (ROVIs) can advise about registering as sight impaired or severely sight impaired and - about the CVI (certificate of visual impairment) form.

They also help visually impaired people to learn new skills to continue with everyday tasks, from how to move around with greater safety and more confidence, to cooking.