Services for People with a Sight or Hearing Loss

What does it do?

We offer services that will help people to be safer, more independent and part of the wider community.  We can help people to manage their difficulties and take control of their lives.
People with sight problems might be helped with...

Managing sight loss
Mobility training - to get out and about safely
Managing about the house and preparing food
Reading and writing, talking books and newspapers
Special equipment, such as talking clocks or lighting
People with hearing problems might be helped with...

Managing deafness
Lip reading or sign language
Communication support - interpreters or voice-to-text
Special equipment, such as visual doorbells and alarms
Telephone equipment, such as text phones or amplified handsets
We can also provide advice and link you up to other services that will help with employment and leisure activities.

Who it is for?

The service is available to people who have serious difficulties with their hearing or sight or people who look after others with hearing and/or sight problems.

Where it is available?

Local service (Kerrier, Caradon, Carrick, North Cornwall, Penwith, Restormel).

How to access or apply for it:

You can contact the Cornwall Adult Care and Support team:
By asking your GP or local Health clinic to make a referral
By contacting Adult Care and Support on 0300 1234 131 
By text phone:  01872 240 892
By e-mail:

What to expect then:

Your details will be taken and passed to a care manager, who will then arrange for a member of the team to contact you for a meeting. This meeting is called an assessment and is the first step to other services.  At this assessment you will work out, together with us, what you need in the way of help.  During this assessment you can always have a friend or relative to support you. 


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