Providing A Break

What does it do?


  • You will find a safe environment with user friendly equipment, and support workers who will enable you to have a short daytime break away from home.
  • Your carer will also be able to have a break and be confident that you are safe and well supported. We will discuss with you and your carer what support you require and the times that you attend -we will do our best to offer flexible times to suit your lifestyle.
  • A named support worker will discuss with you how you wish to spend your time and maintain your general well being whilst at the centre
  • A healthy mid-day meal is offered with a varied menu, and refreshments are available through out the day.

Who it is for?

We offer a day time short-break service in a pleasant setting for people with complex physical disabilities or a long term condition.

Where it is available?

Local service (Ellesmere Port and Neston, Vale Royal, Chester).

What it costs:

You would be assessed for this service and a charge may apply.

How to access or apply for it:

If you would like more information you can contact your local service at the address nearest to you below or speak to your care manager.
John Whitehead - Team Manager
Helen Sapsed - Group Leader
Canal Street Centre
Canal Street
Tel: 01244 311772

Julie Jones - Group Leader
Dane Walk Centre
Watling Street
Tel: 01606 271513

What to expect then:

Your care manager will discuss your options with you and your carer, if you would like to know more a visit to the centre can be arranged. Following this you can have a trial day to help you decide if you would like to ask to use the service. If you decide to ask for this service, we will discuss with you how we can help you, taking into account your assessed needs and if they can be met.


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