What does it do?

The careline is a hub for telecare in the home, monitoring the environment 24 hours a day for events. A range of sensors are available which can be chosen according to the needs of the user.

Placed discreetly around the home, the wireless sensors detect problems such as fire, flood or gas leaks and automatically raise a local, audible alarm as well as communicating with the careline to send an alarm to the monitoring centre via the telephone line.

Where an onsite carer is available, the careline can be programmed to send alerts to a pager to enable them to respond.

 The pager can be linked to a vibrating under-pillow pad which will ensure the carer is woken if the telecare system detects a problem during the night, but can otherwise sleep peacefully.

The system can incorporate PIRs (Passive Infra-Red Detectors) to provide intruder monitoring and can be configured to alert if someone has left their bed, or indeed their home, and has failed to return safely within a pre-determined inactivity timeframe indicating a potential problem, where this is appropriate.