Call and Go-Havant

What does it do?

Service runs in Havant, Horndean, Clanfield and Rowlands Castle
- anywhere in the borough of Havant plus Horndean, Clanfield and Rowlands Castle, and some popular destinations eg. Commercial Road in Portsmouth and the Queen Alexandra and St Mary's Hospitals.

Who it is for?

Anyone whose travel needs are not met by public bus services can use Call & Go. This could be because: you live or your destination is more than 400 metres from an available bus service you are a disabled person or you have some other mobility or sensory restriction that makes it difficult or impossible to use an existing bus service or you do not have access to a car and there is no bus service running in your area.

You are a carer or accompanying someone who is disabled or who has some other mobility restriction that makes it difficult or impossible to use an available existing bus service.
Whatever the reason, Call & Go has been created to give you the opportunities to travel.
If you need us to, we can even arrange to pick you up from a location nearer to home. It couldn't be easier!

Where it is available?

Local service (Havant).

What it costs:

Fares are similar to normal bus fares, although you should also keep a look out for special discounts.

Unfortunately Farepass is not accepted on buses in Havant.

How to access or apply for it:

Please call to register. Bookings can be made up to six working days before your journey. In the area of Havant you can travel on Call & Go from Monday to Saturday between 8.30am and 4.00pm.


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