aCTive travel scheme

What does it do?

Priority will be given to people with health appointments which can include visits to clinics, dentists, opticians and health visits but
other destinations will be considered, for example, hairdressing appointments and visiting friends and family.The service will be
delivered by volunteers using their own cars or the Community Transport accessible vehicle when necessary for wheelchair users.  Our volunteers may offer additional support by sitting with you whilst waiting for an appointment.

Who it is for?

People who have difficulty using public transport either because they have restricted mobility or where their transport needs cannot be met by
the existing transport network

Where it is available?

Local service (Amber Valley).

What it costs:

aCTive travel is subsidised by a grant from Derbyshire County Council and NHS Derbyshire and a mileage charge will be applicable on all
journeys to cover running costs.

How to access or apply for it:

Community Transport for Town & County
2 Long Close
Cemetery Lane

Tel: 01773 746652
Fax: 01773 741243

Additional information:

Amber Valley Community Transport is now working together with
Chesterfield Community Transport under the name CT4TC, Community
Transport for Town and County. They provide essential transport for
people with disabilities, elderly people and community groups.

We have a team of staff and volunteers who are committed to providing
transport for everyone who cannot easily use public transport.We
have 18 buses plus a single wheelchair vehicle. We also operate a
Community Car Scheme, where our volunteers use their own cars to provide


Info last updated:

2 Long Close Cemetery Lane Providence Street, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3HY