Visiting and Befriending

What does it do?

What does a befriender do?
A befriender visits you on a regular basis at mutually convenient times. The frequency is agreed between you both. A home visit often includes a cup of tea and a biscuit and somewhere comfortable to sit and chat. They can reminisce over old photographs, play a board or card game, or just sit and share news and family experiences. Your befriender can be a great
link to the outside world and help you access other services.
A befriender does not help with personal care or offer counselling or guidance but they can help you access these services if you need them.
Why choose befriending?

Befriending can make the difference between just managing and living. The service is flexible and can be used to complement other services such as day services or home care services. Befriending can offer relief to family carers and peace of mind to family living away.