Chesterfield Area Office

What does it do?

The changes we are making in Derbyshire to personalise care services involves a number of key components in what we call the care journey.

Although no one user of our services will ever follow the journey in total these components are important in the process of providing care services.The main sections of the journey are outlined below: Initial contact and signposting; making a speedy recovery; assessment; funding and arranging support; service choice; and services arranged and delivered.

Initial contact

This section is about easy access to information, advocacy and advice.

Making a speedy recovery
This covers our re-ablement service. If this is a suitable option for you it will offered to you as part of your initial assessment. For more information see making a speedy recovery.

This part of the journey includes the process of discussing with you about your needs in a process called assessment. This also includes self assessment.

Funding and arranging support
This section includes the issue of personal budgets, financial assessment for personal contribution and the role of a broker in assisting in choosing from a range of services and providers available. Please see buying services for how to access the brokerage service.

Service choice
Service choice is the range of services and options available to assist you. It includes traditional services like residential care and day services to support available from family and neighbours as well as assistive technologies via Telecare.

Who it is for?

People in Derbyshire

Where it is available?

Local service (Chesterfield).

What it costs:

Please contact the organisation for more details.

How to access or apply for it:


West Street
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0845 6 058 058

01246 347867

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