Multiple Sclerosis Society - Derby and District

What does it do?

Our Support section ‘does what it says on the tin’.
We offer support to people with multiple sclerosis (MS), their family
and carers; whether you have a need for information, someone who will listen to you or help in choosing independent living aids, our Support Officer is there for you.

Listening to you is something we feel is important, nothing is regarded as
trivial and it is all in the strictest of confidence. You may also be
reassured to know that anyone in the MS Society who works on a one to
one basis with people with MS has undergone a full ‘disclosure’ check.

The MS Society prides itself on being one of the foremost suppliers of
information on MS. The majority of our information is ‘evidence based’,
by this we mean that people with MS tell you about their experiences in
this area. Also being a major contributor to research into MS means that we can supply a wealth of information on this and many other aspects of MS. Branch Support Officers keep a library of Society literature and make it freely available.

We are also there to help with financial needs for items because of your
MS. These are usually the non-nursing (NHS) items; ask our Support
Officer if the item is covered.

The Society, being a charity, needs to assess all applications based on individual need.

Applications are to be submitted through the Support Officer and will be dealt with
confidentially and quickly. Grants are available irrespective of Society
membership. The Branch Support Officer can offer help with filling in the forms. Retrospective claims cannot be considered.


MS Support Officer - Doreen Botham

Address:Other useful support information can be found under the Local Services page.

an NHS Information Prescription on Multiple Sclerosis in the county of
Derbyshire can be found on our News and Newsletter page.

Tel:0800 328 1554

Branch Essentials

We are committed to providing The Essentials, the MS Society's minimum standards for basic branch services.

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Freepost Address

MS Society (Derby Branch)
DE23 6BF

Freephone Telephone Number

0800 328 1554

Who it is for?

We offer services and support to all people affected by MS regardless of
whether they have MS themselves or are a carer, family member or friend
of someone with MS and all services are offered irrespective of
membership of the MS Society.

Where it is available?

Local service (Erewash, High Peak, Amber Valley, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derby, Derbyshire Dales, North East Derbyshire, South Derbyshire).

What it costs:

The service is free of charge.

How to access or apply for it:

Main Contact Number: 0800 328 1554 (Freephone)


Info last updated:

FREEPOST MID20246, Littleover, Derby, Derbyshire, DE21 4BB