Befriending & Mentoring Service

Befriending & Mentoring Service

What does it do?

Loneliness is more common than you think…

“Currently, a million people over 65 feel lonely ‘often’ or ‘always’
and 3.7 million people live alone, many with no means of getting out and about.” (English Longitudinal Study on Ageing) Social isolation and loneliness affects a person’s quality of life.

Life changing events such as becoming housebound, losing your carer or your partner, not having your family around you during the day or a change in your health and your ability to get out and about can disconnect you from the outside world and leave you feeling lonely.
Often people do not want to ask for help but no one wants to be lonely every day.

How can we help?
Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland can offer a free befriending and mentoring support, matching you with a befriender who will visit or call
you on a regular basis to enjoy a chat, provide a listening ear or perhaps support you to get out and about in your local community.

A volunteer can visit you on a regular basis to enjoy some conversation
and provide a listening ear.

A volunteer can visit you regularly for a period of time to support you to access your community. For example, you may like to join a local activity group but do not feel confident about getting there and back, a mentor will attend the activity with you until you feel confident enough to attend on your own.

Telephone Befriending:
A telephone befriender can call you regularly for a chat and a catch up.

Who it is for?

Older people in Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland

Where it is available?

Local service (North West Leicestershire, Rutland).

How to access or apply for it:

See contact details above

Additional information:

Volunteer for us!
If you would like to become a volunteer Befriender please contact us


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