Helpline alarm service

What does it do?

What is Telecare? What is a Helpline alarm?

Helpline (also known as a Community Alarm) is useful if you are home alone and at risk of an emergency. It works by having a pendant alarm which is worn round your neck or wrist.  If you become unwell, or have a fall and cannot get up, you can activate the alarm by pressing the pendant. This goes through to our Helpline Operators who can talk to you and find out what the problems is.  The operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your alarm call to the central office will normally be answered within 30 seconds.

What do I need?
You must have a landline (BT type) telephone and an electric socket nearby. 

Additional sensors can be added around your home, and these automatically send an alarm to the Helpline Operators if they are activated. Some of the sensors available are: 

  • bed sensors- which spot if a person has been out of bed for longer than usual during the night
  • fall detectors- which can tell if a person is not in an upright position
  • smoke detectors- which immediately alert the control centre when smoke is detected
  • property exit sensors- which can tell if the person has been out of their home for an unusually long time during the day or night
  • epilepsy sensors- which detect fits during the night.

What else is on offer?
We also have equipment which is not linked to Helpline, for example pressure mats, motion
detecting lights and medication reminders which can also support your carer. 

If you would like to visit our show flat where you can see the sensors in action, please contact Helpline.