Home Improvement Agency Service

Help to to repair, improve, maintain or adapt your home

What does it do?

Solihull Independent Living (SIL) is a home improvement agency launched in April 2010.

SIL aims to make it possible for local people with a range of needs to keep their independence by carrying on living in their own homes instead of in residential care. It also offers people grants for adaptations, improvements and repairs to help keep homes comfortable and well maintained.

Home improvements
The following service is for owner occupiers and private sector tenants only.

If your home needs improvements to make it more comfortable or modern, we can give you advice on the most cost-effective way to arrange them.

Not only can we visit your home to advise you, we can also advise about a range of loans and grants.
The home improvements we may suggest include:
  • rewiring
  • re-roofing
  • doors
  • external fabric problems e.g. re-pointing
  • damp
  • minor security improvement e.g. door locks
  • kitchen and bathroom improvements
Our target is to complete improvements within 20 weeks.

Adaptations are changes made to someone's home to make it easier for them live there - particularly if they have a disability or difficulty moving around the home.

Minor adaptations
We offer fast minor (or small) adaptations to anyone at no cost, whether they own their home, rent privately or rent from Solihull Community Housing. Minor adaptations are things like grab rails, stair rails and half steps. Our target is to finish minor adaptations within fifteen working days of receiving your enquiry.

Medium and major sized adaptations
These adaptations involve getting an Occupational Therapist (OT) from Solihull Care Trust to assess you. Following the assessment an OT will decide the extent of an adaptation you require to meet your need. Generally the types of work are either medium or major sized adaptations. If you require a medium or major sized adaptation there will be a charge but you may be entitled to a disabled facilities grant. See below for more details.

Medium sized adaptations include door widening, bathroom adaptations; stair lifts and through floor lifts. Our target is to finish these types of adaptations within thirty weeks.

Major adaptations may involve things like building an extension or converting a garage into a ground-floor bathroom. Our target is to finish these types of adaptations within fifty weeks.

These targets allow for an occupational therapy assessment, surveying, ordering and undertaking work and installing equipment.

Who it is for?

People with disabilities, on low incomes or claiming benefits.

Where it is available?

Local service (Solihull).

What it costs:

Grants and loans for home improvements
Depending on your circumstances and income you may be able to access a loan or grant to cover the cost of your home improvement.

Disabled Facilities Grants for adaptations
Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG's) are subject to a financial assessment for medium and major adaptations. A case worker will visit you at your home to ascertain if you qualify for a DFG towards the cost of adaptations. The mandatory maximum amount of grant anyone can receive in England is £30,000 per application. If the adaptation costs more than £30,000 we can advise you on how to cover the rest of the cost.


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