Returning from Hospital

What does it do?

We have a team of social workers based in most hospitals and can arrange for an assessment to find out what help you could get.  This assessment is done by a social worker or home care assessor.   Other professionals may also be involved such as a doctor, nurse, Occupational Therapist, or Physiotherapist.
The views of relatives or friends will also be taken into account and if they provide a lot of care on a regular basis they may be entitled
to their own assessment.  An independent person (an advocate) could also be present to make sure the patients wishes are heard.

What to do next
  •    Ask a nurse or ward sister to contact the Social Work team.
  •    Ask a relative or friend to contact us. 

Who it is for?

If you or someone you know are in hospital, and are worried about coping on returning home, we can give advice and information and may be able to give practical help and support.

Where it is available?

Local service (East Staffordshire, Lichfield, South Staffordshire, Stafford, Staffordshire Moorlands, Tamworth, Cannock Chase, Newcastle-under-Lyme).

How to access or apply for it:


or contact your local office:

Cannock Chase District Council area - Tel: 01543 510300
East Staffordshire Borough Council area - Tel: 01283 239888
Lichfield District Council area - Tel: 01543 510800
Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council area - Tel: 01782 296005
South Staffordshire District Council area - Tel: 01902 434000
Stafford Borough Council area - Tel: 01785 276969
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council area - Tel: 01538 483112 
Tamworth Borough Council area - Tel: 01827 475506

What to expect then:

What Happens when the assessment is completed?
Once the assessment is done a list of needs is drawn up called a Care Plan.  This plan will say what services need to be provided, how often and if there are any charges.  The plan needs to be signed which shows agreement to the services starting and a copy is given to the patient to keep.
There should be regular reviews after being discharged and this includes reviewing the services provided.  The first review will be
after about six weeks and if care needs change a reassessment can be done which may mean a change in the care plan.


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