Home Improvement Agency Service

repairs, adaptations, help with home maintenance

What does it do?

Alongside our Caseworkers and Practical Services team, we employ Technical Officers with expertise in larger building works to advise you and help you through the process.

If Care & Repair in Powys is able to help then we will:

  • Give free, confidential and impartial advice on repairs and adaptations
  • Prepare a schedule of works and drawings if required for your consideration.
  • Help you choose a reputable builder and obtain written estimates
  • Give advice about how to pay for the work
  • Help you fill in forms for grants and loans and deal with their administration
  • Liaise with the Local Authority Grants department, Social Services department, Local Health Board and other agencies as necessary
  • Provide help and support when the works are in progress
  • Ensure that the works are completed as agreed before payment is made

There are no obligations to accept the advice offered

Please note that all decisions about the work and finance ultimately rest with you


Who it is for?

Older and disabled people.

What it costs:

If you are financing or arranging repairs or adaptations yourself but need technical support, we can help but there may be a fee for this.

How to access or apply for it:

Tel: 01686 620760 / 0300 111 3333

Fax: 01686 620779

Email: enquiries@crpowys.co.uk


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