STAR service / Fast Response

What does it do?

STAR (Short-Term Assessment and Reablement) is a support service that is provided in your own home and focuses on short-term assessment and reablement. Our aim is to improve your ability to live independently. We can provide this service to you for a maximum of six weeks until you are able to manage once again, or we have supported you to receive other appropriate services.

Our Fast Response Service is a borough-wide, short-term service that can respond quickly (within one hour) to requests for care.
We provide care for up to six days in order to make sure that you are safe and keep you safe while a fuller assessment of need is done.
Where possible the care provided will help you become more independent and enable to do things for yourself as much as possible.
The service is intended to stop you from going into hospital when you don't need to and to enable you to return home from hospital as soon
as possible.We provide this service in your own home or wherever you are living in the community.

Who it is for?

Our short-term support services
These two services work with people for short periods of time to make sure they are safe and are able to learn new skills so they can
live independently once again.

Where it is available?

Local service (Sandwell).

What it costs:

The service is free of charge.

How to access or apply for it:

Sandwell Council ASSIST
Tel: 0845 352 2266
Fax: 0121 569 5789
Address: Sandwell Council ASSIST, PO Box 15825, Oldbury, B69 9EL.
Lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.


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