What does it do?

Contact4Me is a simple ID facility – which allows members to 'store' up to ten emergency contact numbers on a central database.  In an emergency or accident, when the cardholder may not be conscious or confused, the card will give emergency services instant access to essential family and friends' telephone numbers and crucial medical alerts via a UK 24/7 telephone number. A member can update contacts in real time from anywhere in the world and the changes will be instantly accessible. 
Each member receives multiple items of identification. These items all quote the website, dedicated UK and international phone number and the unique membership number of the member. 

Who it is for?

Contact4Me provides a caring service that notifies members’ loved ones, next of kin within minutes after an emergency occurrence.  It is recognised that it can take emergency services up to five or six hours and even days to contact a person’s next of kin.
An emergency occurrence could be anything from a large scale incident, a road traffic accident, someone falling in the street or a person  becoming lost/disorientated while outside.

Contact4Me would be of benefit to all ages and groups of society

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

The service costs approximately £12.00 per year with a small additional amount on first registration

How to access or apply for it:

Contact us at the address, email or phone number above


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