Home Improvement Agency Service

What does it do?

Care and Repair Elmbridge can assist you:

  • To repair or adapt your home including specifying work and technically supervising it to completion
  • By providing advice, information, advocacy and assistance
  • By helping to access funding through grants, loans, charities and equity release or by self funding
  • By helping to find building contractors
  • By helping to improve the security of your home
  • By helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • By helping via our Handyperson Scheme
  • By helping to apply for disability and means tested benefits.

Adaptations and Renovations:

  • Care and Repair Elmbridge can assist people to repair, renovate or adapt their homes.
  • Assistance includes provision of technical and welfare support, liaison with other organisations and help with accessing funding for the work including from Council grants, charitable income, insurance claims or by self funding.

Energy Efficiency Measures:

  • Care and Repair Elmbridge can make referrals for energy efficiency measures to the national Warmfront scheme, for people who are in receipt of welfare benefits and track progress of installation of these measures on line.
  • The Handyperson can provide draught proofing measures for a small charge.
  • Claim your free thermometer card to help you to keep an eye on room temperature.
  • Claim your two free energy saving light bulbs.

Handyperson Scheme:

  • The service also includes a Handyperson Scheme for small works with a health and safety focus. There is a small charge for this scheme.