Wheelchair Service

What does it do?

The wheelchair service provides:

A wide range of wheelchairs and associated equipment.
  • A special seating and postural support service.
  • Detailed assessments of your needs at either a local assessment clinic or by domiciliary visit.
  • Ongoing re-assessment if your needs change.
  • Modifications to ensure that your wheelchair meets your needs.
  • Regular safety checks on the equipment loaned to you.
  • A comprehensive repair, delivery and collection service.

Who it is for?

People in Solihull who need to use a wheelchair

Where it is available?

Local service (Solihull).

What it costs:

A wheelchair voucher scheme enables you to contribute towards the cost
of your wheelchair so that you can choose from a wider range than
normally available.

Unless you wish to contribute through the voucher scheme, the service is completely free of charge.


How to access or apply for it:

How do I access the service?

This can be through an assessment carried out by a team of health care
professionals who could include: a consultant, a Doctor, an Occupational
Therapist, a Rehabilitation Engineer, and a Physiotherapist.


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