Help leaving hospital

What does it do?

If you are going into hospital you may need help when you leave to continue to live in your home. If requested, a social worker from
Social Services will look into what help you need and decide with you what services can be provided.
You can either contact Social Services before you go into hospital, please see contact details at the foot of the page, or you can ask to
see a social worker during your stay in hospital. The nurse looking after you will arrange this if you ask.
If you were receiving help before you went into hospital the nurse looking after you will arrange for this to be started again for your
return home. If you were not receiving help or need more help than before, the nurse will contact the Social Work Department at the
hospital to arrange for an assessment.
Help that may be available to you, from the Council, could include:

  • Mobile meals on wheels
  • Home care
  • Day care
  • Support for family members who are caring for you.

It may be that when you leave hospital, you will need to go into a residential or nursing home. This could be temporary, to give you time
to recover more fully, or to get services started for you at home, or it might be permanent. Our staff can help arrange this, or give you advice if you are able to make your own arrangements.