Adult Social Care

Care and support for older people in West Sussex

What does it do?

Most people value their independence. Some of us need help to achieve it. That's where home care - also known as domiciliary care - comes in.
In West Sussex, we work in partnership with people who use our services, with carers, and with statutory and non-statutory agencies to plan and deliver home care services.
At every step of the way, we encourage independence and enable people with a variety of needs to live at home with the best possible quality of life.
In West Sussex, most of home care is delivered by the independent sector and only a small part is provided by the County Council's 'in-house' service.
The reason for this is that the in-house home care service has evolved into the 'regaining independence support service'.

Who it is for?

It is a service for people of all age groups who are assessed as needing support in their own homes in order to remain independent.
Increasingly, the home care service is being targeted at people with more complex needs, for example:

care to prevent people from being admitted to hospital;
intensive support after someone is discharged from hospital;
specialist support to people with particular needs, such as those with dementia, physical disabilities or learning difficulties; and 
support to enable carers to have a short break.

Where it is available?

Local service (Horsham, Worthing, Adur, Arun, Chichester, Crawley, Mid Sussex).

What it costs:

How much we charge will vary depending on your financial situation. For most people the charge will only be a contribution towards the full cost of the services we provide.
A skilled welfare benefits advisor will work out how much you will have to pay and tell you about any benefits you might be entitled to.
There are also other ways of paying for help around the home. One way is to receive a cash allowance called a direct payment to pay for help of your choice.

How to access or apply for it:

How to get in touch

Phone: 01243 642121
Write to: West Sussex County Council Adults’ CarePoint, Second Floor, The Grange, County Hall, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1RG

Additional information:

There are also other help desks which you can contact directly. These are:

Community teams for people with a learning difficulty (CTPLDs)
OT Connect, for disability equipment and advice to support everyday tasks
Sensory services, for people with sight or hearing impairment


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