Caremark - Redbridge

What does it do?

There is no real limit to the type of support that Caremark can offer you. We have an extremely broad range of services ranging from something as little as some company whilst walking the dog, to 24 hour support with your personal care.
Our range of personal care and support services is extremely broad and is not restricted to the examples provided here. Some of our customers have asked us for support with the following daily activities:

  • Bathing and Showering
  • Support with getting up and going to bed
  • Assistance using the bathroom and toilet
  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Supporting other members of the household with their personal care.
  • Continence Care (including provision of clinical waste service)
  • Hair care
  • Shaving
  • Cleaning teeth
  • Foot care
  • Choosing and caring for their clothes
  • Being aware of personal hygiene
  • Recognising and discussing health needs
  • Making appointments with Healthcare professionals
  • Helping you manage your medication
  • Support with eating and drinking, i.e. making drinks, preparing food, menu planning, cooking.

Who it is for?

Caremark (Redbridge) offers Care and Support to any child, young person or adult looking for some assistance to continue living at home safely and comfortably.
We can also provide care for:

  • Older people
  • Adults with MS, Dementia
  • Adults with Mental Health Issues
  • Children – Physical Disabilities, Global Development Delay (LD) and children with Cerebral Palsy 

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 20km of IG80UN.

How to access or apply for it:

For further information call 0208 5040 111

Additional information:

The latest quality rating of this service by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows: Not Yet Rated


Info last updated:

19B Mill Lane, Woodford Green, Redbridge, Essex, IG8 0UN