Affinity Trust - Norfolk

What does it do?

Affinity Trust has a growing list of specialist services available to ensure a person can feel fully supported. These include:

Supporting adults with learning disabilities with dementia – as a long term, progressive illness, people with dementia require a personalised service at all stages of the illness as their care needs often increase over time. Affinity Trust can offer support to adults with learning disabilities with dementia in a variety of different ways.

Respite services – offering the opportunity for adults with learning disabilities to take a break from living at home where they can pursue and enjoy a range of activities which can increase skills, confidence and independence.

Transition services – short term accommodation placements which can provide stability for those between long-term support solutions and can include stepping stone accommodation, personal assessment and skills development.

Supporting people who have challenging behaviours – some people with learning disabilities display extreme types of behaviour that mean they require additional support, perhaps because they may cause harm to themselves or to others.  Dignity and quality of life are key to Affinity Trust’s support and we understand that often a person behaves in this way because they are frustrated and unable to communicate their needs and wishes to others. Once they have dedicated support teams and we begin to work with them to understand the root of this behaviour, build their trust and achieve their full potential, we find that challenging behaviour reduces substantially and often disappears altogether.

Who it is for?

We provide support to people with learning disabilities.

Where it is available?

Local service (Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, South Norfolk, Breckland, Broadland, North Norfolk, Norwich).

How to access or apply for it:

For further information call 01603 400321

Additional information:

The latest quality rating of this service by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows: 2 Stars - Good


Info last updated:

Crome House, 231 St Faiths Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 7AP