London Borough of Waltham Forest Home Care

What does it do?

Help may be provided with:

  • Washing and dressing, according to need
  • Transferring from bed to chair, or commode, using equipment where needed
  • Eating and drinking, including delivery of meals if appropriate
  • Using incontinence aids and dealing with soiled clothing
  • Supervision only of taking of medication
  • Maintaining basic hygiene in rooms used

Who it is for?

The services which we provide are specifically designed to help people with a disability, and others, to continue to live independently and safely in their own homes. Services are for people:

  • Living in Waltham Forest
  • Of any age, needing help with personal care tasks (e.g. washing, dressing, toileting)
  • With physical disabilities (e.g. needing help to get in and out bed or a chair, or go to the toilet)
  • Who are vulnerable, because of confusion, learning difficulties and mental health problems, or drugs and alcohol abuse, and who also need help with personal care
  • Who have loss of sight or hearing
  • With HIV/AIDS
And for

  • Carers of people who meet any of these criteria

Where it is available?

Local service (Waltham Forest).

What it costs:

We do charge for this service. How much you may pay depends on:

  • The cost of the services you receive
  • Our assessment of your weekly income

How to access or apply for it:

Call Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000

Additional information:

The latest quality rating of this service by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows: 3 Stars - Excellent


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