Home Improvement Agency Service

home maintenance in Salford, repairs and improvements

What does it do?

Types of support

  • Major repairs to their homes such as leaking roofs, damp or electrical problems.
  • Advice, support and project management of large jobs.
  • Help to find finance for any required work, such as a loan product or support to help you access other services available, assistance is provided in accordance with the Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy (PSHAP) which can be downloaded below.
  • Help to identify somewhere more suitable to live.
  • Help with moving house.
  • If you’re financing your own work help finding a builder or managing the work.

Main services are available

  • Home improvement assistance can be provided where remaining in your own home is the most sustainable option. A financial assessment will determine the most suitable loan product for you.
  • Energy efficiency assistance can be offered where a home is considered to be fuel poor.
  • Housing assistance will be offered in cases where a home improvement loan is not considered appropriate but the suitability of your current home is in question.

Who it is for?

Salford Home Improvement and Assistance service offers a range of support to older and vulnerable people.

The aim is to protect elderly and vulnerable people to maintain independent living in their own home. Or where appropriate we can provide assistance to home owners and tenants who need to find and/or move to more suitable accommodation should their current housing be unsuitable due to a change in circumstance.

Assistance will be offered to applicants where a home improvement loan is not appropriate but where sustainability of the current home is assessed as an issue.

Where it is available?

Local service (Salford).

What it costs:

Salford Home Improvement Agency can provide you with information on the different types of financial assistance for financing the work.

How to access or apply for it:

see contact details above.

Make a referral at https://www.salford.gov.uk/salfordhia

What to expect then:

The team will assess you against the eligibility criteria for the service based on the work required, health, age and income. This enables us to prioritise your application and ensure fair access to the service. Download the priority points document below for more information.

Additional information:

See downloadable documents

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