Home Improvement Agency Service

What does it do?

Types of support

  • Major repairs to their homes such as leaking roofs, damp or electrical problems.
  • Advice, support and project management of large jobs.
  • Help to find finance for any required work, such as a loan product or support to help you access other services available, assistance is provided in accordance with the Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy (PSHAP) which can be downloaded below.
  • Help to identify somewhere more suitable to live.
  • Help with moving house.
  • If you’re financing your own work help finding a builder or managing the work.

Main services are available

  • Home improvement assistance can be provided where remaining in your own home is the most sustainable option. A financial assessment will determine the most suitable loan product for you.
  • Energy efficiency assistance can be offered where a home is considered to be fuel poor.
  • Housing assistance will be offered in cases where a home improvement loan is not considered appropriate but the suitability of your current home is in question.