Home Improvement Agency Service

home improvement in Manchester and Wigan, repairs, staying put

What does it do?

Our work is under two broad categories:

Small works and practical advice – which includes handyperson services, falls prevention, minor adaptations and advice on home security, home maintenance and energy efficiency.

Advocacy and Support – which is helping householders with getting their entitlement to assistance with repairs, welfare benefits and other services, supporting use of a building contractor to carry out repairs and helping residents speak up about the services that they need. Our Home repairs support team can support you through major home repairs, help with finding a reliable contractor, access to interest free loans and support throughout the repairs.

We can also provide training on “Healthy Homes", Falls Prevention and DIY Skills. Contact for details.


Who it is for?

Over 60's.

Where it is available?

Local service (Manchester, Wigan).

What it costs:

The services of our staff are completely free; you will pay for materials only. (Handyperson service)

How to access or apply for it:

Please telephone or email us at the address above.


Info last updated:

Unit 14, Empress Business Centre, 380 Chester Road, Manchester, M16 9EA