Making sure the elderly are safe, whether inside or outside the home

What does it do?

Care Hub 

Is a digital telecare system which operates over the 3G cellular network, reporting with data communication capabilities. A multi-provisioned SIM card allows freedom of network connectivity, and as an additional safety measure, Care Hub has the ability to failover to the 2G network if 3G is not available.
Care Hub allows monitoring by family, friends or caregivers via the Secom Care App , with alerts for help escalated to monitoring in the event that app responders are unavailable.

Care Go

The Go pendant works as a standalone device for people who wish to venture outside their home and feel safe to do so knowing that help is available. It has a built-in GSM SIM card that transmits the GPS location with emergency calls to enable the responders to pinpoint the user’s location. The device opens two-way audio with the alarm receiving centre. It can be programmed to detect when a user has a fall.

Who it is for?

Advanced technology is presented in an easy to use system that provides peace of mind to people who are living independently. Members of the community who may be frail and feeling vulnerable, can be safe and secure in the knowledge that help is only a button press away.

Where it is available?

National service (England, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

Our charges for the Care Hub are:-

£99.50 one off set up charge
£21.47 monthly hire and monitoring charge

The charges for the Go pendant per device are as follows:

Go pendant £99.50 Set-up Charge
Hire and Monitoring£23.43per month

How to access or apply for it:

Tel 0800 0121 385

What to expect then:

Once contact is made with Secom we will arrange for the relevant documentation to be sent out to the client.

Additional information:

SECOM is a registered member of TSA, the industry body for Technology Enabled Care (TEC). TSA promotes and supports the technology enabled care industry, highlighting the benefits of TEC for service users, families and carers, and driving quality through its internationally recognised code of practice.

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