Home Improvement Agency

Help to to repair, improve, maintain or adapt your home

What does it do?

Our Home Improvement team specialises in solid wall insulation, solar battery storage and general home maintenance for private sector households.

Our new Warm Homes Hub scheme is making Nottingham & Nottinghamshire homes warmer, healthier and cheaper to heat by connecting residents to gas mains and offering free 1st time central heating. Free insulation measures are available too.

Who it is for?

for people over 60

Where it is available?

Local service (Gedling, Ashfield, Broxtowe, Nottingham, Rushcliffe).

How to access or apply for it:

Phone 0115 985 9057

Email from our website at https://nottenergy.com/contact/contact/

Additional information:

Our energy retrofit service is a personalised package of support. It provides a tailored property survey to determine which energy efficiency measures can be installed in the property, including the installation work, grants and subsidies as well as monitoring the performance after the work is completed if required. Detailed designs are also part of the package.

Solid wall insulation is the installation of thermal boards on to the inside or outside of a property.  Properties built before the 1930s (concrete houses are also suitable) are known as ‘solid brick’ and do not have a gap to fill with insulation unlike ‘cavity’ walls. The only way to insulate this type of home is with solid wall insulation.

Solar battery storage is a device that stores any excess solar energy generated by solar photovoltaics (pvs).  This stored energy can then be used to power anything that runs on electric once the sun goes down. It can also heat water when it is linked up to an immersion heater. Energy storage technology means less reliance on the grid, creating more sustainable communities.


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