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What does it do?

Disabled Facilities Grants

Who it is for?

You must be the owner, named tenant (holding a qualifying tenancy) or occupier (in the case of houseboats or mobile homes) of the property to be adapted. This is not necessarily the same as the disabled person who will benefit from the adaptation. A disabled facilities grant will only be approved with the owner’s consent for the adaptation to take place. The process will vary depending on whether you own the property to be adapted or whether you are a tenant in a council property, social or private housing

Where it is available?

Local service (Harborough, Hinckley & Bosworth, Leicester, Melton, Blaby, Charnwood, North West Leicestershire, Oadby & Wigston, Rutland).

What it costs:

Disabled Facilities Grants for adults are means-tested. It applies to the disabled person who will benefit from the adaptation (and their partner if applicable). If the disabled person or their partner receive qualifying benefits they will automatically be given a full grant to complete the recommended adaptations up to £30,000.

If the disabled person (or their partner) is not receiving one of the qualifying benefits, a means test will determine whether they are entitled to a grant for all or part of the recommended works. We will always check if you/the disabled person have received a grant before, as any previous financial contribution made can be taken into account.

How to access or apply for it:

Contact us as above


Info last updated:

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