Garden Aid

Garden Aid service for older council tenants in East Lothian

What does it do?

It provides assistance to keep their garden under control to ensure there is no breach in their tenancy agreement.

The scheme starts in early April each year and runs through the growing season up to the end of October/November that year.

What is covered by the scheme?

  • We provide a maximum of 10 grass cuts during the growing season, but this can sometimes be reduced depending on the weather conditions. Work is carried out every three weeks. If you have a hedge this will be trimmed twice during the year: once in the middle of the season then a further cut at the end.
  • Weed kill will be applied as a one-off in any overgrown areas.

Who it is for?

Our Garden Aid Scheme helps East Lothian Council tenants who, because of disability or age (60 years old or over) are no longer able to maintain their garden.


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