Bespoke Practical Home Move Relocation Management

Professional Home Move Relocation Management Services - Dorset & Hants

What does it do?

ProNasus offers professional , bespoke Home Move Relocation Management  ! Calm, reassuring, professional service with personal, caring attention to detail. Organised logistical expertise and practical management to alleviate stress for all parties involved in the relocation process. 

ProNasus offers full Relocation Management or AdHoc Move Related Services and  we are therefore happy to work on any number of separate elements or manage the complete home move process from start to finish.
Outline Services include but are not limited to:

Pre- Move Preparations
Full planning and scheduling
Sourcing & engaging professional service suppliers
Decluttering/downsizing advice and practical assistance
Packing & labelling services
Help with the arrangements for vacating your property
Home move administration 

Relocation Services
Moving day pet arrangements/pre- authorization of parking
Personal onsite support, management and co-ordination on moving day
Assistance with change of address notifications
Booking of any desired accommodation the night before moving
Full Unpacking service

Complete Management From start to finish
Full logistical planning and detailed service costings
Engagement of all agreed and approved service suppliers
Personal management, liaising and monitoring throughout
Onsite presence and supervision on moving day
Customer satisfaction sign off process

Who it is for?

Primarily designed for the over 55's our services are however available to everyone who requires assistance ! Whether downsizing, moving from a long-term family home, facing a move alone or overwhelmed by the arrangements which need to be made, or simply too busy ProNasus can assist !

Where it is available?

Regional service (Dorset, Hampshire).

What it costs:

As all services are bespoke full detailed costs will be submitted following a free initial face to face consultation, and will  based on discussed outlined requirements. Nothing is too much or too little !

How to access or apply for it:

To contact ProNasus 
Call 07775 662098 

What to expect then:

Following initial contact ProNasus will be happy to arrange a free face to face consultation to discuss your requirements.


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