Coffee & Computers

Computer classes for older people in Haringey

What does it do?

Coffee & Computers, free-of-charge, informal sessions take place in a variety of localities across Haringey. Led by an excellent pool of experienced volunteers, sessions start with a cuppa and a round-table meet-up, so that attendees can outline what they want to achieve that day and be matched to the most suitable volunteer. At this point, many attendees discover that some of the issues that have been baffling them are shared by others. If numbers permit, each attendee gets their own dedicated volunteer.

When appropriate, a slideshow presentation on a particular topic is provided on topics such as  security and passwords , or  the pros & cons of wi-fi vs mobile data . Volunteers and attendees are usually of similar age, but sessions also take place in Highgate School, where the volunteers are students and the sessions take on a lively, zesty feel, in which learning the jargon to use with grandchildren is a feature. (The school also has the reputation for the best selection of tea & cake!)

Although attendees can come along at any time, it is highly recommended that they arrive at the beginning and share the round-table meet-up – and be paired with the most appropriate volunteer that can help them.

Who it is for?

Coffee & Computers is a community initiative that helps  newcomers to computers, tablets and smartphones  to cope with the challenges in today’s tech-driven society and to take advantage of the life-enhancing opportunities afforded by new technologies.

Where it is available?

Local service (Haringey).

What it costs:

Coffee & Computers community-based sessions are free and run by volunteers. Our approach is informal, sociable and focused on clients’ individual needs. Personal coaching enables clients to speedily achieve their specific goals.


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