Independence In Your Home - Property Maintenance

Adaptation to the home for the elderly

What does it do?

The 50plus Independence In Your Home service, makes staying in the home environment an easier choice through provision of a broad range of adaptations, maintenance and improvement services offering peace of mind to users and their families.

Independence In Your Home is designed to serve those who need to remain safe independent and comfortable when:

  • Choosing to remain at home, perhaps instead of moving to residential care
  • Being discharged from hospital and requiring home adaptations
  • Requiring a little more help with general maintenance around the home.

Independence means making individual choices and decisions about what we do and how we live. This autonomy gives us a positive sense of well being and often keeps us healthier.

We realise that independence is important for many people as they grow older and studies show that for the vast majority of people this includes a desire to live in their own home rather than moving into residential care. Adapting the home environment or receiving a little more help assists with safety and can provide additional comfort.

If you or a family member desires independence but find some of the tasks that much harder, then home adaptations, improvement and maintenance support may be of help. Some of the changes you make can be simple such as changing lighting to make knitting, reading or moving around easier. There are the classical adaptations such as changing a bath to a shower. Also todays widely available technology can be used to provide improved communication with family members, remote control of a broad range of items and/or improved security. It is always worth asking, 'what can I do to make life that bit easier?'.

Who it is for?

Independence In Your Home is a service offered by The 50plus to the elderly, their relatives, carers and supporting agencies or others who may have particular needs.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire).

What it costs:

Cost is dependent upon what is required.  Advice over the telephone is free. 

How to access or apply for it:

To receive the Independence In Your Home service, please call the office on 01494 784 448.  Please state you are calling for the Independence In Your Home service.

How to contact The 50plus
The 50plus can be contacted by telephone, electronic and social media and post. We have personnel in a broad range of locations. The head office handles all initial contact and bookings.

Telephone booking lines are currently open Monday to Friday 09:30am to 4pm. Messages can be left out of hours.
Our principle numbers which route direct to our head office where any enquiry can be answered or a booking for any area made are:
01494 784 448
0845 22 50 495

We also have a range of local numbers which are:
01235 425 511 Abingdon and surrounds
01295 235 588 Banbury and surrounds
01367 709 997 Farringdon and surrounds
01491 525 549 Henley-on-Thames and surrounds
01494 784 448 High Wycombe and surrounds
01525 570 129 Leighton Buzzard and surrounds
01582 226 029 Luton and surrounds
01628 951 430 Maidenhead and surrounds
01635 927 635 Newbury and surrounds
01753 392 745 Slough and surrounds
01844 392 823 Thame and surrounds
01865 527 037 Oxford and surrounds
01904 213 322 York and surrounds
01908 926 620 Milton Keynes and surrounds
01923 932 550 Watford and surrounds.
Electronic and social media:

E-mail to
Text to 07802 447 586 (checked out of office hours)
WhatsApp 07802 447 586
Facebook: use the link in the footer (not checked out of hours)

Write to: 110A, High Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1EB.

What to expect then:

A phone call from our office to organise the service you require. 


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